Book a unborn foal!

You can book the unborn foal, 40% in deposit before I cover the mare. The deposit need to be paid at latest march 31th.

Full payment when the foal are born.

The mares you have the opportunity to book the unborn foal for cover -20 are

Nova, Iberica, Teza, Tasa - to Nito

Poppy - to Tivo


The deposit will be paid back if the mare do not get pregnant, the foal dies, born with disease, defective or do not go through the vet health check. Contract signed from both between the seller and purchaser.

when you have decided from which mare you want to book the unborn foal from the contract will be signed immediately and the deposit of 40% shall be paid at latest march 31h 2020!

The price for a foal from us are from 60000sek

You can always feel safe when you choose to buy a foal from us!

You´ll be regularly updated when the mare gets cover, during the pregnancy and I always offer the buyer to be here when the mare get birth.

You are welcome to take contact if you have some question.

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"Man should have the freedom to choose and so should the horse."

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